Partnering with Leaders in Education






Through site visits and referrals, the foundation partners with small, local non-government organizations that incubate ideas for the purpose of providing evidence to lead to scale and sustainability. The foundation also partners with larger organizations which work with governments, influence national policy and have the means to scale effective interventions.


The foundation partners with organizations supporting public education and the arts.


National Youth Awareness Forum

Rockdale Foundation Partnership 
Moyamba District Distance Education & Teacher Training Initiative (Sierra Leone)

NYAF is a local community based organization engaged in educational, socio-economical and sustainable development activities in Sierra Leone. The organization was established in 2001 immediately after the devastating civil war. Findings revealed that 75% of school-age children in rural communities in the Moyamba District were out of schools because the few existing schools were destroyed during the war. NYAF resolved that focusing on the educational needs of the children as a strategy for producing better youths tomorrow who will contribute meaningfully to their self and national development.  NYAF is working in partnership with the Moyamba District Education Office in three chiefdoms to provide Distance Education scholarships, coaching and support to teachers.



Rockdale Foundation Partnership
Teacher Training & Quality (Sierra Leone)

EducAid’s vision is a democratic, dignified and prosperous Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens who are able to develop their personal, social and economic wellbeing. EducAid runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training, and tertiary programs in Sierra Leone. They provide distinctive, personalized, top-quality, holistic education and support to vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans.



Rockdale Foundation Partnership
Early Childhood Development Pilot, Moyamba District (Sierra Leone)

UNICEF is a leading advocate for the rights of children in more than 190 countries. The organization’s long history and political neutrality has allowed UNICEF to become a global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.


Foundation for Rural and Urban Transformation 

Rockdale Foundation Partnership
Enhancement of inclusive, safe and clean learning environment and quality education in rural communities (Sierra Leone)

FoRUT aims to empower men, women and children to fight poverty, corruption, injustice and alcohol and drug abuse, through social mobilization, advocacy, capacity building, and provision of services for long term development. The organization works to ensure that the Government of Sierra Leone policies have a positive impact on men, women and children across the country, especially the poor and most vulnerable. They also empower and capacitate communities to exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities. In so doing, FoRUT plays a substantial role in shaping and enforcing national policies and laws which affect citizens and stakeholders.


The Grandmother Project

Rockdale Foundation Partnership
School-Community Project Assessment and Methodology Guides (Senegal)

GMP develops community approaches that promote positive and sustained improvements in the lives of girls, children, women and families by building on existing cultural and community values, roles and assets.  GMP believes that involving elders, strengthening intergenerational relationships and increasing the capacity of community members to use consensus-building approaches within families and communities will both increase social cohesion and improve results of community programs for girls, children and women.



Rockdale Foundation Partnership
2024 Vision Seed Grant (Rwanda), Phase 2 Scaling (Uganda)

Educate! delivers to 16-20 year old youth within schools in Uganda a practical and relevant model of education, comprised of: a leadership and entrepreneurship course, interactive teaching methodologies, intensive mentorship, experience starting an enterprise, and access to out of school networks and resources. Today, Educate! is empowering almost 80,000 diverse youth across Uganda, incorporating its entrepreneurship curriculum into Uganda’s education system.  In 2016, Educate! will begin work towards it’s 2024 Vision to reach 1 million youth per year in ten different African countries.



Rockdale Foundation Partnership West Africa Fellows Program

ACUMEN is powering rural communities with clean energy in West Africa. We invest in breakthrough companies, develop leaders disrupting poverty and create platforms that drive change. The West Africa Fellows Program follows on the success of the India and East Africa Fellows Programs.


A.R. “Gus” barksdale Boys & Girls Club

Rockdale Foundation Partnership

The Barksdale Boys and Girls Club